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Kids for Peace


Caring & Dedicated

Mana Lotfy-Rezvani

Teacher and Owner


I, Mana, a certified Montessori teacher, am committed to helping children explore and learn in a hands-on environment. My passion for kids and helping a prosperous community has roots in my high school years when I voluntarily chose to teach younger kids and take care of them. It was at that time that I realized how much the future of a society depends on the education and well-being of these kids, which starts way before even they are born. That was the main reason I chose to become a midwife. After graduation and practicing midwifery for a few years, I felt how much I am missing working with kids directly. That moment was a decisive moment in my life…despite spending years to become a midwife, I opted to start over and study Early Childhood Education (ECE) to fulfill my passion. During my studies, I also worked at a Montessori school in Concord, CA. After gaining priceless experience, now I have opened my daycare, to offer love and care to our kids. Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing the growth and evolution of the kids in my daycare. I do see them as my kids and offer them love and support to help them thrive at this very critical stage of their life. I am confident that my prior education and experience will help me to achieve this ambitious goal and create a better community. Let us do it together!

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